EDO-1872A Series Pattern Cutter

With its simple structure and high cutting precision and according to China”s apparel market demand, Jingwei produces the economic machine type-EDO-2A Series flatbed cutting plotter. When the EDO-2A series flatbed cutting plotter is connected with any CAD software it can cut and draw a full set of garment patterns automatically and precisely. Compared with the traditional process, it improves the work efficiency and saves dramatically on labor costs.
1.EDO-2A Series Cutting Plotter can perfectly cut many kinds of materials,
such as
kinds of cardboard, PVC board, plastic board, PET, PU, kraft paper,
fibrous board, rubber sheet and marking film, etc.Not only full cutting, but also half cutting, kiss cutting, plottering is available.2.EDO-2A Series Cutting Plotter can be used to many industries,
such as
Shoes, Apparel,  Advertisement, Electronics, Carton, Bag and suitcase,
Die making Furniture, upholstery and Composites Industries etc.

Tool head and optional paper roller of EDO-2A Series Cutting Plotter:

The outlook of EDO-2A Series Cutting Plotter with paper roller:

Model Name EDO-1762A EDO-1862A EDO-1872A
Configuration Flatbed, work with computer synchronously, transmit speedily, work consecutively, auto paper feeder
Cutting Media All kinds of hard cardboard and plastic board, fibrous cardboard, rubber sheet and marking film etc.
Dual Tool System Multi-functional set, 8 sets of different device including pen, kiss-cut and full cut
Pen & Blade Types Water-based fibertip pen, oil pen, ball pen / special tungsten carbide blade
Programmable Resolution 0.025 / 0.01 / 0.1 avaliable
Interface Serial port and parallel port
Max. Speed Up to 800mm/s
Max. Cutting Depth 2mm
Media Set Device Vacuum suction
Repeat Precision Less than 0.1mm
Buffer Memory 1G
Command Sets HP-GL compatible format
Control Panel Liquid crystal display panel
Power Supply AC 220V ±10%, 50HZ / 2 KW
Fuse 2A 30A
Operating Environment 10 to 35 deg.C
Effective Cutting Area 1200mmx900 mm 1500mmx900 mm 1500mmx1200 mm