FK CAD System

FKgroup provides you with a complete suite of software solutions and latest generation technologies, always evolving, dedicated to the fashion industry, home textile and high-tech material.

The quality of FK Software is also the result of new requests by our clients reflecting the ever changing Market needs. Our Software provides efficiency and high productivity combined to the latest industry demands.

Futura Software is suitable for a vast variety of industries to include: apparel, technical textiles, automotive, upholstery, aerospace, naval etc. Futura S/W has become the most useful tool for increasing productivity and simplifying connectivity with other systems while guaranteeing an immediate global high quality support through the FK customer service.

FK has always researched for improved internal management to enhance, production quality and design features, investing heavily in all these aspects. R+D dept. is always actively looking for new solutions because at FK the “evolution goes on”.

FK customers are followed closely by our team of professionals with a technical background, therefore able to offer sound advice based on a deep knowledge of the Industry. Our experts can provide valuable information on the latest developments and technological innovations in the World of FK Products.