About Us

WINTEX  started journey as the Technology Service/Solution provider. By concerted hard-work and  productiveness WINTEX took part in DTG 2012 and DTG 2013 respectively for playing an important role in the garments and textile sectors.
It   also achieved  the  identity and the brand name WINTEX for their excellent business skills,quality services and commitment.


The  Mission:        

The mission of  WINTEX is not supplies  machines but  helping the  customer to  solve any production  problem. WINTEx  is going  to be the selected  and  well-trained  network  of  TSP (Technology Solution  Provider) and  also provide  a safe-working  environment  for  the  employees  and  operate  the  business  with  high  motivation  and  deep  commitment.

The  Vision:

WINTEX  vision  is  to become  the most  renowned  company  by   providing quality products  and observing  highest  social economic  and environmental  standard. Our  aim  is to deliver  the  brand products and prompt services to be the trusted business partners for long run.