EDO-1873A Series Pattern Cutter

Because of its advanced inner configuration, excellent performance and superb stability, the Jingwei 3A series of cutting plotter machines is extensively used for prototyping and sample-making in the industries of apparel, fashion, upholstery, shoes, suitcase and electronic, etc. It is also suitable for processing gasket materials in media automotive and other engineering applications.
The EDO-3A machine is a “state of the art” model and the latest product developed by our company. The EDO-1863A Kraft Paper Cutting Machine specializes in cutting the Kinds of kraft paper used in the bag, suitcase, shoe sand apparel industries. The use of an advanced electronic-magnetic tool head ensures the high sensitivity of the cutting blade so it achieves high precision and perfect cutting results for both kiss cut and thorough cut.Parameters:

Model No. EDO-1863A EDO-1873A EDO-1963A EDO-1973A
Cutting Media Kinds of cardboard, kraft paper, plastic board, fibrous cardboard, rubber sheet and marking film etc.
Pen & Blade Types Gel-ink pen, oil pen, ball pen / special tungsten carbide blade
Programmable Resolution 0.025 / 0.01 / 0.1 available
Interface Serial Port and Ethernet Port
Command Mode HP-GL compatible format
Max. Speed Up to 1200mm/s
Max. Cutting Depth 2mm
Media Fixture Method Vacuum suction
Repeat Precision ≤0.05mm
Buffer Memory 1G
Operational Panel Touch screen
Transmission System Digital servo driver synchronous belt straight rail
Power Supply AC 220V ±10%, 50HZ / 3 KW
Fuse 6A,30A
Working Environment 10 to 35 deg.C
Effective Cutting Area 1500mm*900mm 1500mm*1200mm 1800mm*900mm 1800mm*1200mm
Optional paper roller:


Installation of platform:

Put the Platform vertically to the top of stands and tighten with the 6mm hexagon-screws.
Like the following picture.



Installation of Paper Roller(optional part):

Should be installed after the installation of Stands and Platform.
Like the following picture.

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